Takhar Wood Co., Ltd. Foshan City is Run into the new Wood Group a diversified company, the production base is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province Nanzhuang, covering 300 acres, its brand "Dejia impression" of products for the original doors, wood composite doors, wall panels, bar, wardrobe and whole-home related wood products, with a run into the record show wood's fine tradition inherited superb production skills, and improve enterprise management. Brand "Dejia impression" from the French painter Aide Jia · Takhar, has an innate family lineage, fashion, high-end oriented, in line with the current needs of the new rich class upstart, is the endorsement of this new class.

"Let the world is not the same" is our mission, international company operating model combined with "Respect love, altruism and selfless; back to nature, the pursuit of the eternal" values, Dejia impression of being a leading efforts to build a modern processing plants wooden models and international circulation patterns of the woodwork, "in every corner of the world, can enjoy our products and services, and to obtain health, joy and happiness." this is our vision. Harbor "change from my start, start from scratch", create a high quality living environment for every customer, Takhar impression firmly believe that every "I" change, wonderful, joy, happiness will be - the world is not the same !

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